Chapter 2 Leading Effective Solutions in Organizations

Learning Objectives

  • Apply systems theory to health care
  • Identify the relationships between organizational culture and leadership
  • Analyze relationships among mission and organizational structure

As the healthcare system responds to changes in the environment, nurse leaders refine and adapt leadership tools and care processes. Leadership tools such as organizational mission, vision, and value statements, which guide both administration and patient care providers through their daily work, are routinely reviewed and modified. Nurse leaders play an important role within this complex adaptive system as they retain a focus on maintaining a strong care provider culture that supports quality care and improved patient outcomes, regardless of unending change.

This chapter addresses the relationship between nursing leadership and the larger healthcare system. Understanding this relationship requires that we look at our health care system as a complex adaptive system with multiple relationships between different aspects of it that impact both the system and the health of the individuals within it. Health care organizations define their role and describe how they will fulfill this role within the greater system through their vision, mission, and value statements. Members of the organization look through the lens of these guiding statements and principles when making decisions. These guided decisions promote the development of an organizational culture, or common system of beliefs and behaviors for all employees. However, in complex adaptive systems, organizational culture may be influenced by factors other than the vision, mission, and values, leading to undesirable outcomes. But even in complex adaptive systems, leaders can inspire change through a focus on relational leadership and empowerment.

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