6.3 Spotlight Application

As mentioned in the Chapter 4 Spotlight Application, Jax and Jamie have both identified staffing shortages are impacting patient care on their respective units within their health system.  They both feel that the administration is not paying close enough attention to nursing  concerns and are ready to take action.  They have decided to put together a proposal to present to the administration to make some changes.  They will present their proposal to the Innovations Committee, which is an interprofessional committee composed of department heads across the system.

Part of their proposal for staff retention includes measuring outcomes and they decide to include both Process and Outcome Measures in their proposal to demonstrate the impact of staffing on the indicators below.

  • Patient/client satisfaction surveys
  • Length of stay
  • Adverse events
  • Staff turnover rates
  • Staff-to-patient ratio
  • Infection rates
  • Employee satisfaction surveys

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