7.3 Spotlight Application

Jamie and Jax are putting the final touches on their proposed staffing retention proposal to present to the Innovations Committee, which is an interprofessional committee composed of department heads across the system.  They have heard from nursing colleagues about growing dissatisfaction and tension in the health system between nursing staff and physicians( See Spotlight Application 5).  They are aware that these conflicts are impacting the quality of care within the health system.  While their proposal is not specifically related to person-centered care, they recognize that these types of issues could impact the overall viability of their proposal.

Jamie and Jax decide to engage stakeholders in identifying system-wide solutions that exemplify person-centered care. They decide to include a Person-Centered Care Consultant in their proposal to help address the growing tensions.

They have heard of Planetree International as a leader in person-centered care  and decide to explore their website for potential consulting support.




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