Module 01: Understanding Yourself In the World of Work

Online Career Tests

Jane standing with one arm raised and an excited expression next to the word “TYPEFOCUS” with clouds in the background.

You may have completed online career tests in the past. Online career tests should never replace self-reflection and research, but they can offer insight into ourselves as well as occupations that we may want to consider exploring. Beware though – never let the results from a career test alone dictate which career path you decide to take. You are much more complex than that! However, there is some value to try taking a few tests for additional information about yourself.

Below, we’ve listed a few free assessments that you might want to consider. Each one is looking at something a bit different so doing all of them will give you a variety of information.

Some of the assessments listed above provide ideas of occupations that fit with your personal characteristics. Note the occupations listed that you’re curious to learn more about – you can revisit them in Module 2 where you can research occupations and career paths that fit within both your personal characteristics and circumstances. If there are suggested occupations generated by these assessments that don’t fit within your current path or your long-term goals, don’t panic! Career assessments aren’t perfect nor do they take into account the whole you. Look at the themes or occupation clusters that came up in your results and consider why you got the results you did.

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