Module 04: On the Job Success

Your Rights as an Employee

The following provides some basic information about your rights in the workplace but is not intended to replace legal advice. Consult a lawyer or employment advisor for specific legal advice pertaining to your situation.


A man stands in the background scratching his head while a smiling man stands in the foreground holding a sign that reads “I know my rights”

When you accept a job, you’ll be asked to review and sign an employment contract. This is a legal agreement entered into and signed by you and your employer, whereby you both agree to fulfill the contract terms. It may include a variety of information such as salary, employee and the employer’s responsibilities and rights, vacation time, sick time, termination etc. Your rights are also dependent upon the conditions stated in your employment contract, employer benefits, union contract and employment status (casual, part-time, co-op, contract, full-time permanent). Make sure to read your contract  carefully to know your rights and responsibilities.

The US Department of Labor

Click here for a summary of the laws from The US Department of Labor to protect your rights as an employee.  Here are 2 more useful sites you may wish to explore:

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