Module 03: Job Search

3.1 Introduction and Learning Outcomes

This section may be helpful if you:

  • Already have a good understanding and awareness of your skills
  • Are seeking resources such as job search sites and social media
  • Would like to learn about the hidden job market
  • Would like to learn how to create a strong resume
  • Would like to create a networking pitch in order to market yourself to employers
  • Want to improve your job interview skills


Once you’re satisfied that you’ve completed enough career research, you can move on to the job search stage, developing strategies and tools to help you stay motivated and engaged. This stage can be daunting as jobseekers often feel alone and vulnerable. It’s hard to “put yourself out there” and face the very real possibility of rejection. Leveraging feedback from mentors, employment advisors, and professors can go a long way to support you during your job search.

With an open and positive mindset, the job search phase can be an exciting chapter in your life. It’s where the “rubber hits the road” and you can begin to test out your career ideas and ask for constructive feedback from others.

Learning Outcomes

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Recognize the importance of the hidden job market
  2. Explore online job sites in order to apply for positions
  3. Develop effective in-person and online networking skills
  4. Write an impressive resume and cover letter that will get past screening technology (applicant tracking systems)
  5. Utilize Big Interview to practice for job interviews, including video interviews
  6. Build a professional portfolio to present to prospective employers
  7. Develop strategies of when and how to disclose limitations and request accommodations
  8. Recognize job ads that could be fraudulent
  9. Integrate career resilience approaches to help you deal with setbacks

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